Foods That Prevent Bad Breath

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What Are The Best Foods For Fighting Bad Breath?

Some people with bad breath or halitosis may have a tough time finding a suitable cure for bad breath. Unfortunately, their case of bad breath is more severe than others. They have not found success using a commercial mouthwash or brushing and flossing their teeth. For these people, there are not enough bad breath cures to go around.

Many people find it disgusting to smell halitosis. The embarrassment of having this condition might pressure you into living the life of a hermit. But before you do this, I should remind you that many people have been able to find a cure for bad breath. It is just a matter of finding it.

A big misconception is that the type of food that you eat is the most important factor in determining how your breath smells. The truth is that the type of food that you eat is a factor but it is not the most important one. The food particles that remain in your mouth after you are done eating is the most important factor. Your breath will smell disgusting after bacteria feed on these food particles. However, you should not take this to mean that you should stop eating. This is because eating can actually be an effective cure for your bad breath.

Eating your breakfast is vital because it will supply you with the necessary energy to function throughout the day. Breakfast foods are also helpful in combating your bad breath. Nearly everyone has halitosis when they wake up in the morning. This happens because when you sleep your mouth is inactive which speeds up bacteria activity. Eating breakfast can help slow down bacteria activity and freshen your breath.

There is another reason why you should not skip breakfast. If your stomach is empty, you can get digestive halitosis. This is bad breath that results from the actions of digestive enzymes. The problem is that even though there is no food to digest your digestive enzymes will keep on processing. As a result, a disgusting stench will come from the lining of your stomach. If you want to get rid of digestive halitosis, you can do something as simple as chew on some food.

Halitosis can occur after eating or drinking some tea, alcohol, or coffee. This condition is due to the residues from eating or drinking that attach themselves to the mucus in your mouth which can cause halitosis-causing bacteria to reproduce. If you have a desire to use a natural cure for bad breath, you can drink some water. Water can flush out some of the odor-causing bacteria from your mouth. This is why it is important to drink water while you are eating.

Foods that are effective in combating bad breath also include citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and limes. Eating more citrus fruits can increase the flow of saliva. Saliva will keep your mouth acidic and moist which will prevent from bacteria from breeding. This is why many people call saliva the body’s natural mouthwash.

There are a lot of herbs that can be used as a remedy for your disgusting breath. Herbs that have an abundant supply of chlorophyll such as parsley and wintergreen have been effective bad breath cures for many people. Chewing these herbs will prevent your bad breath from coming back for about 24 hours. These herbs will provide your lungs with an aromatic substance that will make your breath smell much better. If you do not want your breath to smell even worse, you should refrain from eating dairy products, deli meats, or anything else that contains an excess amount of fat.

You are in luck in case you do not want to use any of the commercial mouthwashes that are available. This is because there are many home remedies that can be used as a cure for bad breath. A homemade mouthwash can be made from herbs such as fennel, eucalyptus, and cardamom. This home remedy has worked for many people. These herbs have the same effect as antiseptics. They can reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth as well as improve digestion.

There are many people who have gotten satisfactory results from using home remedies as a cure for bad breath. However, if you are not one of these people, you can try following the guidelines for proper oral hygiene which has always proven to be a good cure for bad breath. By eliminating halitosis-causing bacteria, you are guaranteed to have fresh smelling breath.

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