Therabreath Review – Is Therabreath The Best Bad Breath Treatment?

Important Things You Need To Know About Bad Breath

Extensive medical research has determined the cause of bad breath is the anaerobic bacteria that live beneath the surface of your tongue, in the throat, and on tonsils. These bacteria are supposed to be there. Humans need them to function properly. They assist humans in digestion by breaking down proteins found in specific foods, mucus or phlegm, blood, and in diseased or “broken-down” oral tissue. However, under certain conditions, these bacteria start to break down proteins at a very high rate. Proteins are made up of Amino Acids. Two of the Amino Acids (Cysteine and Methionine) are dense with sulfur which is found in bad breath and taste disorders. During this process of breaking down these proteins, they extract sulfur from the amino acids, and produce Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSCs) such as Methyl Mercaptan (which smells like dirty socks) and Hydrogen Sulfide (which smells like rotten eggs).

So What Should You Do To Eliminate Bad Breath?

These bacteria are anaerobic, which means without the presence of oxygen. They breed by the billions deep within the fibers (papillae) of the tongue because in normal circumstances, oxygen cannot penetrate beneath the surface of the tongue. Therefore, eliminating bad breath is as simple as introducing oxygen to the anaerobic environment of the bacteria that produce VSCs. I had really awful breath until I discovered the best bad breath treatment on the market. That treatment is the TheraBreath line of products. The reason why they work so well is that they contain the active ingredient Oxyd-VIII. This ingredient adds oxygen to the oral environment which prevents the anaerobic bacteria from creating the odorous sulfide and Mercaptan compounds that are the cause of halitosis. The end result is the formation of a Sulfate which has no odor or taste.

Bad breath is a condition that I had for a long time. It was embarrassing and wrecked my social life. I used every bad breath treatment that you could name. I eliminated sugar and dairy products from my diet, drank eight glasses of water a day, brushed, flossed, and scraped my tongue on a regular basis, and used all of the major commercial mouthwashes. I also tried gargling with warm salt water, chewing on parsley, wintergreen, cardamom seeds, and eucalyptus leaves, and eating sugarless yogurt. Unfortunately, these bad breath treatments did not work for me. Luckily, a very good friend of mine heard about the problems that I was having with my breath and decided to help me out. So he did some research and found a line of products that would transform my life forever. After taking these products, I was able to talk to people without making them sick to their stomach and embarrassing myself. The products that I took were the TheraBreath line of oral care formulas. This product line includes a mouthwash (oral rinse), toothpaste, breath spray, concentrated powerdrops, ZOX breath mints, oxygenating chewing gum, AktivOxigen tablets, and Nasal Sinus Drops, all designed to attack the root of the problem throughout the day with the utmost of convenience. Some breath-refreshing systems rely solely on mouthwash to fight bad breath. Using these formulas will not only give you clean, fresh breath, but they also contain the best ingredients available to prevent tooth decay, and keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

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7 Reasons You Should Use TheraBreath Oral Care Products

How TheraBreath Works

1. Anaerobic sulfur producing bacteria is the cause of bad breath. You can combat anaerobic bacteria with oxygen. Therabreath products contain the active ingredient OXYD-8. It is stabilized and generates oxidizing power as soon as it enters your mouth. This stabilization process allows TheraBreath to have up to a 3 year shelf-life. When any TheraBreath product enters your mouth, a chemical reaction takes place, which allows plenty of active oxygenation to take place each and every time you use it. TheraBreath products will not only eliminate bacterially produced odors, but they will also destroy all types of food odors (garlic, onions, etc.) and even morning breath.

2. TheraBreath toothpaste does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is a harsh detergent. You want to avoid SLS because it will dry out your mouth which will create an optimal environment for the bad breath bacteria to produce volatile sulfur compounds. SLS has also been linked to the production of painful and annoying canker sores. Unfortunately, most commercial toothpaste and mouthwash manufacturers use SLS which is a soap that they put in toothpaste and other cleansers for the sole purpose of making it foam. People are conditioned to believe that more bubbles means that you will be cleaner. However, this is simply not true.

3. Highly concentrated Whole Leaf Aloe Vera has been added to Therabreath toothpaste. Recent research in Asia has shown that Aloe Vera boosts the body’s ability to create collagen. This strengthens weak and swollen gums which allows them to heal more quickly. This is important because bleeding gums provide a protein “food source” to the bacteria that create bad breath.

4. Therabreath toothpaste does not contain Saccharin. Saccharin has been shown to be carcinogenic in lab animals and the state of California has recently published a long term study on its negative effects. For some individuals, Saccharin can also create a bitter aftertaste because of one of the chemical compounds produced during Saccharin’s chemical breakdown.

5. Therabreath toothpaste is actually a gel. Gels are much smaller molecules than pastes which allows them to penetrate deeper below the surface of the tongue. TheraBreath toothpaste also contains premiere tooth polishing and whitening agents which will keep your smile white and brilliant, but without the damaging abrasives. They are animal cruelty-free and are not harmful to the environment.

6. TheraBreath ToothGel also contains Sodium Fluoride which fights decay. Fluoride has also been shown to be an effective de-sensitizing agent. Some of the other anti-halitosis systems do not contain any Fluoride at all. Before you purchase any anti-halitosis product, make sure to ask if it contains Fluoride.

7. Almost all commercial mouthwashes contain alcohol which can make your mouth drier and your breath smell worse. This will negate the benefits of the oxidation process. The TheraBreath Mouthwash (Oral Rinse) does not contain alcohol and was designed to replace all of those products that make your mouth dry.

Bad breath cannot be cured. There is no such thing as a one time bad breath treatment. Because the bacteria are always there (and are part of the natural flora of bacteria that you need to start off the digestive process), you cannot eliminate them permanently. The only way to effectively stop these bacteria from producing sulfur odors is to use an OXYD-8 based product such as Therabreath. No other compounds will perform this action. The bacteria reproduce every 10-12 hours and that is why the treatment must be used throughout the day. After several months, there is a residual effect, whereby the medication has a longer lasting feeling. Some people are then able to get by with performing the procedure only twice daily. However, for the best results, most people perform the procedures three times daily.

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